Getting back your gym life.

Overcoming obstacles as you return to the gym

Preparing your mind and body

Getting back your gym life is an obstacle most of us face. Especially after the holidays. Once you decide, you’re ready to return to the gym. Most people imagine the gym experience. The number of members that sign up in January and never go reveals the difficulty that most people encounter. The theory of getting fit and healthy crosses the normal person’s mind at least six times per day. The Gym theory is that most people getting back into being healthy and fit are petrified of going back into the gym. If you used to go chances are you’ll find that passion again.

Once you commit, I recommend that we get fit in our minds before starting the daily grind of returning to the gym. When we make the desition to return to back into the once familiarity routine, it’s imperative that the mind and body are in sink and tune with each other. The key word here is routine. Try simple steps such as running up and down your stairs. Do as many pushups you can a day, throw in simple situp’s, it may not seem like much, but it starts the prosses. The critical factor is getting your mind prepared for a journey that most people excel in such a lifestyle.

So let’s focus on those factors that help us prepare our minds and body to push ourselves to get back to our gym life if we took a poll and asked 100 people. What is the main reason we can’t seem to get back into the gym? Do you probably know the answer? Off those 100 polled 92% would say I can’t find the time. If you think about that, what changed in your life. You used to find the time! Procrastination!! The fear factor of the gym experience. All these factors play such a big roll wheater we thrive or start to procrastinate again.. If we get back to a familiar routine, the prosses becomes more comfortable with each day. It’s simple, and I will promise you that if you commit to going that first one day. Just get yourself there and give yourself 30 minutes, you will begin to accept to familiar passion again.
Accomplishing a goal you set. After leaving the gym, will spark that feeling again. Remember what the purpose is. Getting back into your routine and pushing past the feared gym experience. Try an exciting new activity; this could help spark that lost passion. We’re trying out the latest, most excellent sports and activities for you and reporting back with our findings, so you know what to expect when trying something for the first time. We tried everything from parkour to trail running and learned the basics straight from experts — and now we’re passing their secrets on to you. So go on, try that new sport for the first time it probably won’t be your last. As you continue to read my blog, I will slowly introduce you to such unique and exciting activities. We’ll conquer it together.

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